Ireland/UK Tour Apr. 9-15

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Lock up your children… we’ll be driving on the wrong side of the road for days on end, in the beautiful Irish countryside, beginning Apr. 9!  Please tell your friendly beer-drinking peeps to come out and meet us.   It’s our first time overseas… yaaaaaaaaay!

Thanks for all your support through the auction, emails, facebook… you’re the reason we do what we do.  Much love.


Show dates:

apr. 9 (Mon) –Dublin, IE, Whelan’s Live
apr. 10 (Tues) –Cork, IE, Crane Lane Theatre
apr. 11 (Wed) –Galway, IE, Monroe’s Live
apr. 12 (Thurs) –Dundalk, IE, Spirit Store
apr. 14 (Sat) — Ballamore, IE, McGirl’s Bar
apr. 15 (Sun) –Nottingham, UK Golden Fleece


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