Introducing our Latest Release! LAST DAY for FREE download is Sunday.

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dear id fans…  happy new year!   Sunday (Jan. 6) is the last day to download this album for FREE.


we hope that 2013 provides all the necessary mojo for your id to shine its bright light.

and we had to do something special this year, being that we’re feeling a ton of gratitude for a whole decade (yes, decade!) of love and support from you, and for having the rare opportunity of living this musical adventure.


we’ve played hundreds and hundreds of live shows, in a zillion US cities and in Ireland and the UK, and we’ve felt that connection with you that you just can’t get anywhere else… that buoyant one-for-all feeling of a live show.  somehow we had yet to release a live album, always siding with the perfectionism of the studio. but fortunately, in november 2012, j ferris recorded a show, and brad mehder brought the tapes to us, and we thought they captured the spirit.  and the wonderful rob hunt offered to do the artwork, and jeff knorr’s great ears did the mastering, so a new album was born.  i titled it “they won’t know what to do with us”, because, well, they never have. raaar!

so thank you. and enjoy.

lookng ahead:   i think it’s time we strengthen our community.  first item of business is to give you more fun opportunities to interact with each other online.  stay tuned….i’ve got some ideas cooking.  let’s build this new chapter of id together.






get your download here:


p.s.  the album is available as a free, high-quality download at this time, and only for people on our email list.  so if you know fans who aren’t on it, forward this email and spread the word!  we may at some point print this album to CD format.  either way, Monday, Jan. 7 it’ll turn to a paid option, so get on it!

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