“…a mesmerizing mix of songs that can be hushed and calm one moment, and then suddenly dark and explosive the next.”–Robin Hilton, NPR’s All Songs Considered   

“Ms. Morgan seems willingly buried within the songs… she’s telling you stories as much as she’s singing you songs. How far [the music] will go seems solely dependent on how much people are willing to expand their own horizons.”– (Canada)

“…simultaneously innocent and worldly. This is world-class music, period. No labels necessary.” —Blurt Magazine

“…driven by Morgan’s one-of-a-kind voice….effortlessly poetic letters from an alert, compassionate friend. Morgan has access to deep feelings…. Her voice changes from girlish to womanly, delicate to bold, as the songs move from intimate to anthemic.”—Billboard  

“Sharp writing!” —David Dye, World Cafe  

“There’s a real joyful belief here that is irresistibly infectious….” —  

“Always with a childlike wink and skip. Sometimes the band evinces a sadness that lives in the world, but there is always an answer of music and joy to bring light…. Good.” – The Big Takeover  

“The band’s non-pandering brand of pop …is intricately, artfully textural and full of surprises.” —CityBeat, Cincinnati  

“Fierce, siren-like intensity…a band that isn’t afraid to risk being innovative to put out something truly personal.” —Harp Magazine (now Blurt)  

“…somewhere between Aretha Franklin’s soul and Bjork’s hypnotic pop. Where the band’s name is an allusion to the subconscious – the source of instinct and impulses – their music follows suit.” – HARP Magazine (now Blurt)  

“Musical touchstones include Rilo Kiley, Bjork, Cocteau Twins, and Radiohead, sharing with these bands the ability to create gorgeous melodies over deceptively smart and deep musical ideas.” – Southeast Performer  

“Bjorklike panache…different, melodic, quirky,…just plain good.” –Bonnaroo Beacon, performance review  

“This looks happy, but the music hits much deeper. Stephanie Morgan’s vocals [move] delicately between The Sugarcubes and The Sundays.” —The Big Takeover Magazine  

“[For breakout song of the summer] Wilco’s new song ‘You Never Know’ is a strong contender for me, as is stephaniesĭd’s ‘Bullet Train.'”–Dan Reed, WXPN Philadelphia  

“Although generally referred to as an indie-pop band, their sound is actually far more complex and compelling than that genre label implies…. interesting, experimental and creatively edgy.”–Steve Shanafelt, Mountain Xpress  

“Dig It: A Scandinavian Pop princess gets lost in the American South and is rescued by a Jazz quartet.”–    

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