What is the id up to?

Mostly regrouping, and this is very exciting for us!  After a decade of pursuing this unpredictable animal we call an original music career, we are, in a sense, rebuilding the way we think of ourselves as musicians, and as people.  We are looking at our roles, our dreams of who we want to be and what we want to see in the world, working out, meditating, writing songs, rehearsing, and touring just a little bit, when someone asks us to play a really sweet show, to stay connected to that part of the process.

I feel there is a new Stephaniesid emerging:  one that’s more open, less burdened by temptations and pressures within the biz, one more connected than ever to the music that is our entire raison d’etre.  What will this look like?  A beautiful live video concept… a really cool residency (to occur in Asheville this spring), where band and fans can really do some connecting…  and if all goes well, a website overhaul designed to allow more fan interaction.

We’ve missed you on the road.  And we may be touring again too, but before anything else, we’ve got to make sure what we’ve got cooking has had ample time in the oven.




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Care and Feeding of the Id

A fitting explanation of how to best care for the id within… (an excerpt from a letter by 20-year-old Hunter S. Thompson to a friend):

“To put our faith in tangible goals would seem to be, at best, unwise. So we do not strive to be firemen, we do not strive to be bankers, nor policemen, nor doctors. WE STRIVE TO BE OURSELVES.

But don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean that we can’t BE firemen, bankers, or doctors—but that we must make the goal conform to the individual, rather than make the individual conform to the goal. In every man, heredity and environment have combined to produce a creature of certain abilities and desires—including a deeply ingrained need to function in such a way that his life will be MEANINGFUL. A man has to BE something; he has to matter.

As I see it then, the formula runs something like this: a man must choose a path which will let his ABILITIES function at maximum efficiency toward the gratification of his DESIRES. In doing this, he is fulfilling a need (giving himself identity by functioning in a set pattern toward a set goal) he avoids frustrating his potential (choosing a path which puts no limit on his self-development), and he avoids the terror of seeing his goal wilt or lose its charm as he draws closer to it (rather than bending himself to meet the demands of that which he seeks, he has bent his goal to conform to his own abilities and desires).”

(Full article by my admired friend Maria at Brainpickings: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2013/11/04/hunter-s-thomspon-letters-of-note-advice/)

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What Id Fans Care About

Ready for some nerdy calculations? I was poring over every single New Year’s Resolution that found its way into the vase at Isis Restaurant and Music Hall during our NYE show. Even through bawling eyes, I could see somewhat of a pattern… they seemed to cluster into these universal human categories of hope and aspiration… and so i got out a calculator and found out this about all of us:

15.1% were about improving ourselves, or seeing things positively

2.7% were about having more fun

8.2% were about love

9.5% were completely random and (i’m gonna guess) alcohol-induced

13.7% were about getting more music into our lives

12.3% were about having better relationships with family/community

16.4% pertained to improving our health

22% related to learning presence, trust, calmness, and “knowing things are going to be OK”.

So it seems as an id community, we care about positivity, fun, love, random absurdity, music, family & friends, being fully alive, and being here now.

Wow. Yeah. I’ll take that. Happy 2014 everybody! I’m honored to be among us. Let’s keep navigating toward the light. You with me?

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Thank you, Asheville! Happy 2014!!!!

We had the most amazing time at Isis in Asheville on New Year’s! It was a deeply happy celebration and killer fun to play with both Crybaby and Stephaniesid. Thank you to all of your wonderful guests: Jacob Rodriguez on vox and sax, Pam Jones on vox, Krista Tortora on vox, and Jonathan Scales on sax and vox. Michael Oppenheim did video, so stay tuned for that!!  xoxoxooxxox and I will keep your resolutions close to my heart :)

Photo by Frank Zipperer

Photo by Frank Zipperer

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New Year’s Eve in Asheville!


Join us for a New Year’s Eve 2014 celebration with Crybaby (our jazz alter-ego… www.crybabyasheville.com) and Stephaniesid at Isis Music Hall in West Asheville, NC!

It’s the first time both bands have played together.  Maybe we never had the right space that embraced both, maybe we couldn’t find the intersection of the two… but now we’ve got it, and it’s happening.  The bands have mostly the same members, and yet two distinct (but somehow familial?) vibes.

We are honored to be playing this show, and we’re looking forward to seeing you.  Bring your most important New Year’s Resolution with you.  We plan to sing it into the show.  Come for a wonderful 4-course dinner or just the show (tickets at www.isisasheville.com).

8pm:  the wonderful Pam Jones plays in the Lounge, upstairs

9pm:  Crybaby (irreverent reworkings of jazz standards, played by some of the best musicians around) – downstairs stage

11pm:  Stephaniesid – downstairs stage

12am:  2014 happens.  Hope renews.  Spirits merge.  Kisses.

Wear whatever you want.  Don’t forget your resolution.

Love and happy holiday to you.  See you on the 31st.



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